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Leaves, Laura Marie HowellBecause who doesn’t love doing this?


Happy New Year! 2013 flew by with such speed, that I can’t really believe its all over. I spent the last year in a bit of a creative rut, feeling uninspired and generally being quite lazy about posting work (when I actually did it), but 2014 is upon us; and I am determined to make the most of it and to shoot like crazy. Whilst still basking in the post firework watching/big ben chiming tv daze where everything seems achievable and dreams possible, I scribbled down a list of resolutions which I will definitely stick to. Or not. I have vowed to blog more, travel often, exercise etc etc. These photos are slightly unrelated, but as its the 1st of January I’m sticking to a least one resolution of trying to post work more frequently.  Taken on a recent walk over the festive period, whilst escaping the christmas chaos; new friends were made in the form of some very friendly horses.

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January Snow, Belton, Norfolk.

As I’m writing this its trying to snow again. And failing. Snow in March?! I actually took these photos way back in January when the country was hit with a deluge of snow, which resulted in the perfect excuse to wear my Hunters and trek out into the wintery bliss. After nearly being swallowed by a disguised icy puddle, and firing off a few shaky shots due to freezing cold temperatures I decided it was time to head home and into the warmth.