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2015Happy New Year! 2014 flew past in what now seems like quite a blur; it was a year full of highs and lows but I’m excited to see what 2015 brings. I hope the new year is full of adventure, inspiration and achievements. One of my biggest resolutions is to blog more, as I still have like a bazillion things from last year that I never showed a soul, even more shockingly I haven’t even looked at my photos from Istanbul (a trip I took in May!!!) oopssss. So in the new year I aim to be more organised and actually put my work out there; and maybe aim to empty my memory cards a little more often (or ever). Also I would just like to add that this photo was actually supposed to be made with a sparkler, but when said sparkler fails to light come midnight on the most important and documented night of the year one has to improvise!