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Leaves, Laura Marie HowellBecause who doesn’t love doing this?


Winter Walks, Laura HowellWinter Walks, Laura HowellWinter Walks, Laura HowellWinter Walks, Laura HowellWinter Walks, Laura HowellWinter Walks, Laura HowellWinter Walks, Laura HowellWinter Walks, Laura HowellSpring is fast approaching and I don’t think I could be any happier to finally say goodbye to this cold weather! I certainly won’t miss wearing layers upon layers in the hope of not freezing, but before I say hello to spring I want to share these last snippets of winter.

Summer in SouthwoldSummer in SouthwoldSummer in SouthwoldSummer in SouthwoldSouthwold in SummerSummer in SouthwoldSouthwold in SummerSummer has been and gone and autumn is already making its presence known here in England. Endless cloud cover and a drizzling of rain is becoming the norm. So I’m hiding inside today, cocooned under my duvet with a plethora of hot tea to keep me warm; wishing I could back to a sunny day. I took these photos in Southwold, a quaint Suffolk town a few weeks ago when the sun was shining brightly and it was acceptable and warm enough to eat ice creams on the beach. Its one of my favourite places to amble around, indulging in treats and just exploring all the cute shops. Whilst there I shot a few photos for my sister’s blog, which you can find here.

Above is a montage of all my favourite iPhone shots, many of which are on my Instagram.



I find myself curiously drawn towards greenhouses, lured within by the exotic species and tantalising heat. Let me define my peaked interest in the greenhouse, I’m not talking about one you may find squirrelled away in the depths of the garden but more the grandeur of the Victorian era. These elaborately designed structures became much celebrated pieces by the wealthy upper classes and botanists alike. Last year I visited Chatsworth and its just how you imagine it to be, a grand building surrounded by the sprawling Derbyshire Dales as far as the eye can see; but its the gardens that are the real treat. I could spend hours wandering and getting lost down secret passages and tree lined avenues. Unfortunately the original greenhouse designed by Joseph Paxton in 1837 no longer exists (at the time it was the largest glass building in the world!) being demolished after the 1st World War, due to heating costs. Its a great shame that such a structure was lost, replaced by its much more modern counterpart in which I took these tropical looking species.