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Leaves, Laura Marie HowellBecause who doesn’t love doing this?


As staircases go the one in City Hall, London is fairly impressive. Its understated, simplistic curves and never ending spirals make for one aesthetically pleasing piece of architecture. Residing on the banks of the Thames, near to Tower Bridge the building is most well known for housing Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London among other city officials. Starting from the top I indulged in the view, which unfortunately wasn’t much further than Tower Bridge in all its grandeur (at a squint I could just about make out Canary Wharf in the murky distance). However I was far more taken with the view coming down, it was a slow meandering process that involved stopping at every other step;  but that staircase just doesn’t have a bad angle! I visited City Hall as part of Open House London and I am very tempted to visit again next year as this Norman Foster designed building is possibly one of my favourites!

A couple of shots from last weekend on my flying visit to the capital, a mere five hours of roaming and adventure. I frantically raced back from Notting Hill towards the river, trying to catch the pretty sunset; but sadly I missed it and ended up with the blue serenity of the London skyline instead.

+ high-res version

Strolling through the streets of London is always a magical experience, but its especially enchanting at sunset when everything is thrown into that golden dewy light. Either by chance or luck;  me and my good friend Loren (my lovely model) stumbled onto the steps of St. Pauls Cathedral. With its grand architecture (designed by Sir Christopher Wren)  and a lot of history it seemed like the perfect picturesque London location. Normally the steps would be bustling with tourists and city dwellers, but with the fading light it was almost serene. And how amazing is that floor?! If only I could play chess…

Happy New Year! 2013 flew by with such speed, that I can’t really believe its all over. I spent the last year in a bit of a creative rut, feeling uninspired and generally being quite lazy about posting work (when I actually did it), but 2014 is upon us; and I am determined to make the most of it and to shoot like crazy. Whilst still basking in the post firework watching/big ben chiming tv daze where everything seems achievable and dreams possible, I scribbled down a list of resolutions which I will definitely stick to. Or not. I have vowed to blog more, travel often, exercise etc etc. These photos are slightly unrelated, but as its the 1st of January I’m sticking to a least one resolution of trying to post work more frequently.  Taken on a recent walk over the festive period, whilst escaping the christmas chaos; new friends were made in the form of some very friendly horses.

So I seem to walk quite a lot, or I get dragged along quite a lot. Its hard to say which, but I do love it when it leads to some interesting shots. The family and I headed out to the picturesque Stratford on Avon Canal, located in Warwickshire. I’ve walked this one many times but I’ve never seen the water so still and mirror like, reflecting the landscape so clearly. Look closely (or squint) and you might see the Heron (clue: it’s in the 6th shot). After a long walk, we all plodded back and finished the outing in the local watering hole, conveniently located right next to the canal.

Just recently I’ve been in a bit of beach daze. Warm weather, bright blue skies and ice creams in every flavour. But how long can this perfect combination last?! I’m remaining optimistic on this, fingers crossed for a few more weeks of sunshine and blissfully warm walks. Sand underfoot, the wind in my hair and the opportunity to charge into the sea without a care in the world (or more likely dipping my toes in, realizing its freezing and that it was a crazy idea).