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Leaves, Laura Marie HowellBecause who doesn’t love doing this?


2015Happy New Year! 2014 flew past in what now seems like quite a blur; it was a year full of highs and lows but I’m excited to see what 2015 brings. I hope the new year is full of adventure, inspiration and achievements. One of my biggest resolutions is to blog more, as I still have like a bazillion things from last year that I never showed a soul, even more shockingly I haven’t even looked at my photos from Istanbul (a trip I took in May!!!) oopssss. So in the new year I aim to be more organised and actually put my work out there; and maybe aim to empty my memory cards a little more often (or ever). Also I would just like to add that this photo was actually supposed to be made with a sparkler, but when said sparkler fails to light come midnight on the most important and documented night of the year one has to improvise!

  • I loved Jamie Beck’s take on the ‘film vs digital‘ debate, but I don’t think I could ever part with my beloved 5D Mark III
  • This morning I got lost in these gorgeous wisteria blooms over on Sonya Khegay‘s blog
  • After watching ‘73 Questions‘ over on, I think I may have become even more obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker
  • I can’t get this bag out of my head. If only I could find somewhere that has it in stock…
+ high-res version

Strolling through the streets of London is always a magical experience, but its especially enchanting at sunset when everything is thrown into that golden dewy light. Either by chance or luck;  me and my good friend Loren (my lovely model) stumbled onto the steps of St. Pauls Cathedral. With its grand architecture (designed by Sir Christopher Wren)  and a lot of history it seemed like the perfect picturesque London location. Normally the steps would be bustling with tourists and city dwellers, but with the fading light it was almost serene. And how amazing is that floor?! If only I could play chess…

+ high-res version

A big beach clean up: Great Yarmouth

An unusual post, but an important one. My sunday afternoon was spent scouring Great Yarmouth beach for litter. This all sounds very random, but it was an organised event set up by Marks and Spencers in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society. There was around 30 volunteers, all armed with gloves, bags and litter pickers marching up and down the beach, hunting out discarded litter. Not only does it preserve the coastline, but its essential for marine conservation with sea life constantly being under threat from the rubbish left laying around. I think my worst find was probably a buried nappy, but there were much more harmful finds like broken glass and cans. The amount of rubbish collected was phenomenal, and I feel glad to have helped in a small way. (excuse the dodgy iPhone photos)