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Happy New Year! 2013 flew by with such speed, that I can’t really believe its all over. I spent the last year in a bit of a creative rut, feeling uninspired and generally being quite lazy about posting work (when I actually did it), but 2014 is upon us; and I am determined to make the most of it and to shoot like crazy. Whilst still basking in the post firework watching/big ben chiming tv daze where everything seems achievable and dreams possible, I scribbled down a list of resolutions which I will definitely stick to. Or not. I have vowed to blog more, travel often, exercise etc etc. These photos are slightly unrelated, but as its the 1st of January I’m sticking to a least one resolution of trying to post work more frequently.  Taken on a recent walk over the festive period, whilst escaping the christmas chaos; new friends were made in the form of some very friendly horses.


134C1447134C1436134C1445Sunday mornings are normally the perfect excuse to stay in bed and laze around, but sunshine and blue skies are a great motivation for kicking off the duvet. I threw on my favourite Hunters, bundled up and headed out camera in hand for a gentle stroll around Fritton Forest. Luckily I managed to catch what was left of the morning light as it flickered across the leaves, giving off those gorgeous autumnal hues. Out of all the seasons I think Autumn is my favourite, I don’t think I’ll ever be too old to purposefully run through a massive pile of fallen leaves, listening for the familiar sounds of crunching under foot.

This particular walk was extremely short lived. Camera in hand I was ready to make the most of the golden light; hot footing it out of the car before the sun disappeared completely. But less than 100m in the path was blocked due to ongoing works (of what, nobody knows). Lurking around the corner was what appeared to be some cute young things ‘date like’ and generally enjoying the mise-en-scene of the whole thing. The moment didn’t last long as about ten loud and  drunken youths came barreling past. Overall it was a non starter, but I did get a couple of photos before I almost ruined someone’s date and got trampled upon.

The city of Norwich is full of history and heritage and it dates all the way back to the Iron Ages, before the Romans invaded in AD 60. Then came the Anglo-Saxons and Normans. This period saw the birth of the Cathedral in 1096, with all of the stone specially shipped across from Caen in northern France; and after nearly 50 years it was completed.  On friday we headed into the city, with the sole purpose of exploring. After a lengthy walk around Tombland (not at all tomb related) we ended up at the Cathedral. We strolled around the cloisters, wandering in awe and taking in the grandeur of the gothic architecture. Mostly unchanged, its like taking a step back in time, delving deep into history.

134C0281134C0292134C0285Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice. Technically these photos weren’t taken in Birmingham, but in a village in Warwickshire (pretty near). The Grand Union canal passes through Lapworth onto Birmingham eventually ending up in London, and its the longest in the country; stretching a massive 137 miles! I walked a couple of miles through the charming scenery of the Warwickshire countryside, but I think it would be fascinating to see the change in surroundings starting off in the city. I love the natural patterns created from the reflection of the water, dancing across the brick wall of the bridge.

So I seem to walk quite a lot, or I get dragged along quite a lot. Its hard to say which, but I do love it when it leads to some interesting shots. The family and I headed out to the picturesque Stratford on Avon Canal, located in Warwickshire. I’ve walked this one many times but I’ve never seen the water so still and mirror like, reflecting the landscape so clearly. Look closely (or squint) and you might see the Heron (clue: it’s in the 6th shot). After a long walk, we all plodded back and finished the outing in the local watering hole, conveniently located right next to the canal.

Just recently I’ve been in a bit of beach daze. Warm weather, bright blue skies and ice creams in every flavour. But how long can this perfect combination last?! I’m remaining optimistic on this, fingers crossed for a few more weeks of sunshine and blissfully warm walks. Sand underfoot, the wind in my hair and the opportunity to charge into the sea without a care in the world (or more likely dipping my toes in, realizing its freezing and that it was a crazy idea).