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So I took these a while ago, but as I’m only shooting film at the moment I’m just super slow at uploading. It was a really quick excursion to London which resulted in some really interesting architectural finds; and this only happened because I got lost. I absolutely had my heart set on experiencing the ‘Rain Room’ exhibition at the Barbican Centre, so off I set. Of course with it being a Saturday this meant all of the necessary tube lines were out of action, google maps to the rescue! The Barbican Estate is maze like and I did manage to get lost trying to get to the Barbican Centre nestled in the middle. This huge estate was built in the 1960s and 70s and is a fine example of brutalist architecture designed by Chamberlin and Powell & Bon. Architecture just intrigues me in general, but the mix of lakes, gardens and towering concrete structures was a powerful image. My photos really don’t do it justice. Once I got to the exhibition I went into a state of shock with the phenomenal size of the que, it was a three/four hour wait! So sadly it wasn’t to be. I’d already pre-booked tickets to the Valentino ‘Master of Couture’ exhibition at Somerset House which was the closing day. So I spent the rest of the afternoon surrounded by some of the most beautiful and exquisite haute couture dresses which celebrated the work of Valentino. It started with a rare glimpse into Valentino’s world with personal notes and photos, followed by a catwalk of designs. Ending with the intricately detailed wedding dress of Princess Marie Chantal of Greece. Unfortunately both of these exhibitions have now finished.



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  1. April 20, 2013

    I’m always lost in the Barbican…

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